3D Printable Retinal Imaging Adapters Could Go Global

We turned an idea into a practical concept and share the knowledge with the rest of the world to improve access to eye care.

A Low Cost Integrated Retinal Imaging System

We published an article about the development of a low-cost and open source smartphone based retinal imaging system.

Safety of Smartphone Retinal Imaging

We investigated the photo-biological risk of the light source used in iPhone retinal imaging.


"oDocs Eye Care constantly strives for clinical excellence"

Other Publications

EyeWorld.Org "The Wiki of Ophthalmology?"

Editorial Cytology & Histology "3D printing and ophthalmology for the community"

MIMS "Inexpensive, 3D-printed fundus camera now available"

Eye2Eye magazine by RANZCO "Global Problem. Innovation. Collaboration."

Eyenews "Open Source and Tele-manufacturing for Ophthalmology"

RANZCO Scientific Congress 2015 "Tele-manufactured Affordable Smartphone Anterior Segment Microscope"



Save Sight Society Conference 2015

Health Informatics New Zealand Conference 2015

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