Our Mission

"We build smartphone ophthalmoscope & slit lamp microscope with a mission to reduce the prevalence of preventable blindness and improve the access to eye care.  We believe in an open culture, therefore we will remain as an open-source social enterprise."

A New Zealand Social Enterprise

A smartphone slit lamp microscope

A smartphone ophthalmoscope

Smartphone Ophthalmoscope & Slit-Lamp Microscope

Now you can perform a complete mobile eye examination. oDocs Eye Care provides the specialized tools for a basic eye exam. The visoScope is a smartphone ophthalmoscope with superb optics.  The visoClip is a smartphone broadbeam slit-lamp microscope.  The devices are supported by an iOS app (oDocs Capture) to facilitate image acquisition. 

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oDocs visoClip

Smartphone Broadbeam Slit-Lamp Microscope

This compact innovation simply clips on to your iPhone and transforms it into an anterior segment microscope. Quickly capture high-resolution photos and videos using focused, angled illumination. The oDocs visoClip is perfect for visualising acute corneal lesions and is ideal for photo-documentation and telemedicine.  The visoClip operates without additional LED or battery. Find out more about visoClip.

EARLY BIRD PRICE -  $ 225 (Regular $ 250)


oDocs visoScope

Smartphone Ophthalmoscope

oDocs visoScope is an effective solution for smartphone retinal imaging. The specialised optics and high quality anti-reflective crown lens provides a superb 50º field of view comparable to standard fundus camera.  Photographing the retina on your smartphone is now possible. A portable and affordable smartphone ophthalmoscope that operates without an external battery.  Find out more about visoScope.

EARLY BIRD PRICE - $225 (Regular $325)

Award Winning Innovation

"This is how disruption is done."

Steve Wozniak


"Great new technology to address and help alleviate eye disorders in less developed locations."

Sir Richard Branson

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