oDocs Eye Care will save the sight of millions by making affordable and accessible ophthalmic equipment


We care deeply about preventing blindness. We have committed to using part of our net profit toward saving sight in the regions where it is needed most. Its time to revolutionize eye health by building accurate equipment that is accessible and affordable. Visual impairment and blindness is a global problem, with 285 million people suffering with this disability around the world, 80% of these cases were preventable or treatable. It is unfortunate that a 90% of those cases are found in developing areas. Established in 2014 by Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong and Dr. Benjamin O'Keeffe, oDocs Eye Care (formerly OphthalmicDocs) is an innovative company in the field of portable eye care. With thousands of users, our social  approach has inspired many others to join the initiative. You can contact us at schong@odocs-tech.com

Dr. Hong's talk at TedX Auckland 2015

Our Values

Our goal at oDocs Eye Care is creating quality medical technology to prevent blindness. Our intuitive adapters and smartphone application transform your smartphone into an eye clinic. We are a social enterprise, which means we don’t just look to maximize profits in our business. Instead we aim to achieve sustainable growth to create positive impact and improve our society. Open sourcing our first adapter is one way we do this. Another way is by committing part of our net profit toward saving sight in regions where it is needed most. We are passionate about building good things, hardware included. The design thinking principles behind our products add value to the user experience. We believe that fostering a culture within our own team of fairness, transparency, and empowerment can lead to bigger and better things. We hope to spark a movement where people are enabled by technology to not only help themselves, but to also help others.

Our Team

Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong
Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong
Co-Founder, CEO
Dr. Hong is an ophthalmologist with extensive interest in clinical optics, innovation and research. He supports all aspects of the business outside his day job at the hospital eye clinic. Dr. Hong lives in Dunedin, NZ.
Hanna Eastvold-Edwins
Hanna Eastvold-Edwins
Chief Engineer
Hanna is a mechanical design engineer with an extensive product development background and experience in medical devices. Hanna looks after the business development, processes, and manufacturing. Hanna lives in Auckland, NZ.
Alain Brideson
Alain Brideson
Design Director
Alain is an industrial designer with experience in product, consumer, and transportation design. He looks after the design of products, branding, and most visual aspects of oDocs. Alain lives in Auckland, NZ.
Dr. Mimi Chiu
Dr. Mimi Chiu
Chief of Clinical Research
Mimi is an ophthalmologist with interest in clinical research and photography. She looks after our product validation and clinical trials. Mimi lives in Christchurch, NZ.


Dr. Benjamin O'Keeffe - Co-founder

Diana Siew (PhD) - Advisor

Con Hickey - Management Advisor

Jin Bundelman - Software Developer

Jane Langley - Copywriter

Maryanne Dransfield - Internal Business Advisor

Paulette Cotter - Strategist

Tim Gomez - Graphic Designer