oDocs visoScope

oDocs visoScope - Smartphone Retinal Camera

Your personal smartphone ophthalmoscope.

oDocs visoScope adds retinal imaging capability to your iPhone. The specialized optics have been designed for superior anti-reflective properties and a clear 50° field of view.  Image acquisition is made easy with our iOS app oDocs Capture. 

The device comes with a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

Our unique 3D printing technique makes it strong, durable, and water-proof.

The visoScope smartphone retinal camera is designed as a reliable portable companion.

Recommended when examining patients who are bed-bound, paediatric patients, and patients who could not fit the conventional equipment. 


Affordable & Accessible Retinal Imaging

Product features:

  • ◊ Smartphone ophthalmoscope / smartphone fundus camera
  • ◊ Wide field of view (50° FOV) with dilation
  • ◊ 50mm (2 in.) diameter, 200mm (7.9 in)length
  • ◊ Bi-Aspheric design to minimise optical aberration
  • ◊ Magnification 2.1x
  • ◊ Anti-reflective coating
  • ◊ 30mm working distance
  • ◊ Water-proof
  • ◊ Clamps on easily using ergonomic thumbscrew feature
  • ◊ Cross-polarization to reduce glare and reflection

visoscope comes with cross polarisation to reduce glare

USD 325

Ships within 1 to 2 weeks

Comparison with professional equipment

The oDocs visoScope is capable of obtaining high-quality retinal images in a portable manner.  With a 50 degree field-of-view, comparable to that of a conventional fundus camera.  The visoScope is a revolutionary upgrade of the conventional direct ophthalmoscope. 

Images taken with visoscope smartphone fundus camera

Note: The oDocs visoScopes are mydratic and requires pupil dilation, this can only be done by a qualified clinician or optometrist.  This product is an educational product and does not have regulatory approval as a medical device in any markets and distribution will only occur at this time under regulatory waiver.

For a complete eye care kit, check out visoClip, a smartphone slit lamp microscope. 



visoscope smartphone retinal camera

iphone ophthalmoscope

Compatible with the following iPhones:

◊ iPhone 5

◊ iPhone 5S

◊ iPhone SE

◊ iPhone 6 / 6S

◊ iPhone 6plus / 6S plus

◊ iPhone 7

◊ iPhone 8

3D Printed visoScope

The advancement of 3D printing technology has made visoScope printable with high quality industrial material such as Nylon.  You can now customize how your visoScope looks like.  A smart and affordable way of making a functional smartphone retinal imaging adapter for iPhones.