oDocs visoClip

oDocs visoClip

Your smartphone slit lamp microscope

This compact innovation simply clips on and transforms your iPhone into an anterior segment microscope. Quickly capture high-resolution views of the anterior segment using focused, angled illumination.  oDocs visoClip is perfect for capturing images of acute corneal lesions in the field and is ideal for photo-documentation and telemedicine.

Finally, after years of research and development we proud to present you the world's first open-source smartphone slit lamp microscope. 

Smartphone slit lamp adapter

Product features:

  • ◊ Smartphone anterior segment microscope
  • ◊ Broad-beam illumination 
  • ◊ Dual optical filters (cobalt blue & white light)
  • ◊ Optical magnification 10x
  • ◊ Dimensions: width 30mm, height 18mm, depth 15mm
  • ◊ Working distance 20mm
  • ◊ Water-proof
  • ◊ Durable



smartphone slit lamp

iphone slit lamp

Blue/White Filter Toggle switch

To maximise functionality, the oDocs visoClip illumination can toggle between white and blue-cobalt filters.  Easily identify issues with the anterior segment using a flouro stain and the cobalt filter.

iPhone slit lamp with cobalt blue

Comparison with Professional Equipment

The oDocs visoClip is capable of emitting both white-light and cobalt-blue.  With 10x magnification, it's optical performance is comparable to a conventional slit lamp microscope.  The broad-beam allows user to identify common ophthalmic conditions such as conjunctivitis, scleritis, episcleritis, corneal infections, acute anterior uveitis and cataract. 

images taken with visoclip


slit lamp microscope for iphone

iPhone for visoclip

Compatible with the following iPhones:

◊ iPhone 5 / 5S / SE

◊ iPhone 6 / 6S

◊ iPhone 7 / iPhone 8

Note: oDocs visoClip is to be used by qualified clinicians only. The product may not be allowed to be shipped to certain regions until appropriate regulatory approvals have been obtained.