What oDocs Has Been Up To: Part 1














Greetings community!  

We thought you might like an update on what the oDocs Eye Care team has been up to over the past few months.

Late last year, we narrowly missed getting a grant from Google.org, we explored what it means to be a social enterprise, and got into planning a sustainable business for the future.

This year we are focusing our energy on turning our vision to end preventable blindness worldwide into a legitimate line of quality eye care products. We have some good people around us, and on behalf of our growing team, we are excited to start this journey of revolutionizing eye care with the help of our community.

We hope you stay tuned for our updates, as we strive to end preventable blindness. Please feel free to follow us on our social media channels @odocseyecare and also sign up to our newsletter to keep up with exclusive news!


CEO of oDocs Eye Care