3D Print it with Shapeways

We are glad to announce that oDocs Eye Care has now setup a fully functional store on Shapeways.  The updated files for oDocs Fundus are now 3D printable from Shapeways.   It is as easy as choosing your material and colour.  Visit Shapeways now.

oDocs launches world’s First Medical Device Initiative to Save Sight

oDocs launches world’s First Medical Device Initiative to Save Sight 29th May 2017 – An award winning mobile innovation was launched by a oDocs Eye Care, a New Zealand based social enterprise.  The company has introduced a set of smartphone-based devices that would allow healthcare providers to take photos of the human retina. The company[…]

NZ Hi-Tech Mobile Innovation Award

12th May 2017 – We are please to announce that oDocs Eye Care has been awarded the prestigious New Zealand Hi-Tech Award in the category of Mobile Innovation.  The 2017 Hi-Tech award had a massive turn out of just over 900 people from the New Zealand technology sector.  For more information visit

oDocs Wins Talent Unleashed Awards 2016

Talent Unleashed 2016 Global Winner oDocs is awarded the 2016 Talent Unleashed Best Startup in Social Impact.  It means a lot to us to be recognized not only by our peers in the startup community but also the Talent Unleashed judges; including Sir Richard Branson and Steve ‘The Woz’ Wozniak, cofounder of Apple Computer.  We received some great feedback from[…]

The Maker’s Story

Ultimaker is featuring Dr. Hong’s story Less than a month ago, Ultimaker, a industrial leading 3D printer manufacturer, flew all the way from The Netherlands to New Zealand to Interview Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong, the co-founder of oDocs. Dr. Hong’s story of making the world’s first set of open-source ophthalmic equipment has inspired many around[…]