oDocs Eye Care Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About oDocs Eye Care

What is oDocs?

  • oDocs Eye Care is a social enterprise founded and based in New Zealand. oDocs designs and produces professional, portable eye care adaptors for anyone with a smartphone. Our mission is end preventable blindness by making eye care more accessible.

Is oDocs Eye Care a charity or a business?

  • oDocs is a social enterprise – a hybrid of both. oDocs is primarily concerned with maximising social health impact sustainably through generating revenue. We pledge to contribute half our net profits toward saving sight in the markets that need it the most.

What happened to ‘OphthalmicDocs’?

  • oDocs Eye Care is OphthalmicDocs’ new brand. We’re still the same team.

How can I support oDocs?

  • oDocs accepts donations from the public. Click here to do so.  However, we are not a registered charity yet, so we cannot issue tax deductible receipt or invoices.
  • If you are looking to invest or become a corporate partner, email Hanna@odocs-tech.com or SCHong@odocs-tech.com.

How can we follow oDocs?

  • Feel free to follow our social media channels on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube.
  • To get exclusive updates on our products and free trials, sign up to our Newsletter.

About oDocs’ product line.

Why am I not able to download and print the visoScope or visoClip?

  • oDocs has changed its fulfillment model to provide units fully assembled for the best value and more sustainable way of providing product innovations moving forward.  As providers of product that will be used by medical professionals, the manufacturing will be controlled for these versions to be certified as medical products.

Where can we purchase your visoClip and visoScope ?

  • Our eye care attachments had been available to purchase from our website.

Which smartphone models are oDocs’ equipment compatible with?

  • Currently we are developing our equipment for iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s plus models, and will expand our compatibility with the iPhone 5 and SE.

Does oDocs’ products have FDA or medical products approval?

  • We are applying for approval processes in NZ (Medsafe), Europe (CE), Australia (TGA), and USA (FDA)

Can oDocs offer a warranty to cover my products?

  • We offer a one-year warranty for all of our products.

Why are you releasing your CAD files for your visoScope, previously Fundus Cam, online for free?

  • We want to empower anyone to be able to download, print, and access quality eye care no matter where they live in the world.

About the oDocs Eye Care App

What is the oDocs Eye Care App used for?

  • You can enter patient details and capture and save videos and photos with the visoScope and with the visoClip particular to the patient examined. You can send referalls with the video and photo footage via email directly in the app.
  • The app also features a range of convenient eye examinations for self-care and diagnosis.

Where can I download the oDocs App?

  • The app is now available in the app store.

Is there an Android version for the app?

  • The oDocs Eye Care App is currently only available for iOS devices. An Android version is in development and will be released in near future. Sign up to our Newsletter to receive updates and catch our announcement.

About the oDocs visoScope

Is the oDocs visoScope compatible with Android smartphones?

  • Not at the moment – the oDocs visoScope was designed for use with 6/6s and 6/6s plus. We are currently developing the visoScope for Android users.

Is pupillary dilation necessary to examine the retina with the oDocs visoScope?

  • Pupillary dilation is required for proper viewing.  The pupil needs to be at least 5mm in diameter to capture adequate video or photo footage of the retina.

Can the oDocs visoScope be used for veterinary diagnosis?

  • We don’t see why not.  We’ve received very positive feedback from veterinarians who have successfully examined their pet patients using our previous visoScope model, the Fundus.

Can oDocs visoScope be used on paediatric patients?

  • Yes, with caution. The device must be used by a trained paediatric ophthalmologist. The lens fitted into the visoScope has a superb wide angle view to suit smaller pupils in infants and children, with dilation.

Can the iPhone flashlight/flash light source harm or damage human eyes?

  • No – the iPhone flashlight is safe by ISO standards. We have done studies to measure the biological risk of the iPhone’s light source and our research shows that it is well below the level set by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).
  • Note that the illumination the iPhone flashlight is lower than the standard indirect ophthalmoscope.

Does the oDocs visoScope or Fundus require external source of power or batteries?

  • No – the visoScope does not require any power source.

About the oDocs visoClip

Is the oDocs visoClip equivalent to a slit lamp microscope?

  • Not exactly – The visoclip is purely an anterior segment camera with no slit capability.  It has a wide beam illumination of up to 12mm in width, and is capable of acquiring images with up to 10x magnification.

Is the oDocs visoClip compatible with Android phones?

  • No, visoClip is designed to be compatible with only iPhone 5/5s, 6, 6 plus, 6s and 6s plus.

What are the illuminations available for the oDocs visoClip?

  • There are two types of illumination filters: diffuse white and cobalt blue.

What is the cobalt blue illumination for?

  • When used to illuminate fluorescein dye, it is used for examining the cornea for any epithelial defects or foreign body.

Does it require external source of power or batteries?

  • No – the visoScope does not require any power source.

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