oDocs Wins Talent Unleashed Awards 2016

Best Start Up - Social Impact

Talent Unleashed 2016 Global Winner

oDocs is awarded the 2016 Talent Unleashed Best Startup in Social Impact. 

It means a lot to us to be recognized not only by our peers in the startup community but also the Talent Unleashed judges; including Sir Richard Branson and Steve ‘The Woz’ Wozniak, cofounder of Apple Computer.  We received some great feedback from the Judges, read down below. The win took us completely by surprise as we had some fantastic competition from around the world.

Our prize was a VIP session with the Woz himself, and a personalised trip to Silicon Valley next year. We are proud of our team, and thank Dr. Hong for a great pitch that led us to the win!

oDocs with Steve Wozniak

Dr Hong and Hanna meet the legendary Woz

Judges comments:

Sir Richard Branson (founder Virgin Group)

  • Impressive company to help both doctors and patients alike in locations that do not have proper access to eye exams.
  • Great new technology to address and help alleviate eye disorders in less developed locations.
  • Remarkable that Dr. Hong has decided to help his fellow clinicians around the world to have full access to a portable eye clinic in hours by using the smartphone.

Steve Wozniak (founder Apple Computer)

  • This changes the game in remote and developing areas, although an ophthalmologist is still needed. Today.
  • This is how disruption is done.

Jane Tewson (Igniting Change)

  • Brave move to open source the technology for maximum reach and impact
  • Fascinating explanation of improved utility at reduced cost

Jade Zhang (Candy Crush Confectionary)

  • This is here to bring attention and it’s going to be very disruptive and create great things and drastically change lives. I am in Africa right now and I just wish this is available for the people here.
  • Need more attention and traction but this is why it’s here!

Cliff Rosenberg (MD LinkedIn Australia, NZ, and South East Asia)

  • Hugely disruptive potential and needs a big global partner or round of investment to help scale and put the technology in the right hands…. could radically affect the lives of people across the globe.
  • On the topic of social impact it seems to me that odocs could make a fundamental difference to how eye related issues are diagnosed in developing countries.
  • Next step is how to scale and develop this on a mass scale and get the technology into the hands of the right people across the globe
  • Feels like the innovation is being under appreciated in terms of where the company valuation is and investment to date. It has massive impact and perhaps more of a commercial focus by the business owners would help scale the growth of the company and the rollout of the product……..

Dan Radcliffe (International Volunteer HQ)

  • The company has the potential to make a huge impact socially but also commercially. However I don’t get the feeling from reading their entry that they appreciate the size of the opportunity and the impact they could make here. Big respect for their approach as a social enterprise.
  • Admire the fact they do not “seek sympathy from the public not do we seek empathy for branding ourselves as a charity”. Too many social enterprises use this as a marketing lever, while ignoring business basics which can lead to failure.

Yat Siu (Founder/CEO Outblaze)

  • Technology with great potential but needs partnership and support to expand the vision (no pun intended). 2.5 billion people today have poor eyesight that remains unaddressed a big part of the problem is diagnosis and this can help solve that problem as it’s a mix of regulatory and the right commercial partnerships. An exciting entry IMO that may need more commercial thinking (and partnerships) to expand on the results.
  • A perfect complimentary device for eye wear companies focused on delivering glasses to those who cannot afford it. The biggest issue facing this market is regulation where specialists are required to do the eye test, a potentially huge market opportunity if it can overcome the regulatory hurdles.
  • Dr. Hong has a very cool technology but may need help in growing past the commercial hurdle and his market may not be selling to doctors but to expand beyond that essentially allowing for eye testing everywhere but it does require market regulations on eye testing to change as even common tests like Myopia need diagnosis by a doctor.

Patrick Grove (Catcha Group)

  • This is a creative way to use the ubiquity of smartphones to deliver healthcare in a cost-conscious way

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One thought on “oDocs Wins Talent Unleashed Awards 2016

  • Since winning at the Talent Unleashed Awards last year, oDocs has successfully launched its commercial products, and is now expanding into India and China, where there is a strong need for its affordable eye care exam system.

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